10 Most Affordable and Beautiful Places To Retire on the East Coast

Roanoke, Virginia: Known for its livability and a significant retiree population, Roanoke offers affordable living with monthly expenditures below $2,000

Mauldin, South Carolina: With the highest livability score on the list, Mauldin is attractive for its affordability and welcoming community for seniors

Concord, North Carolina: Concord boasts a high livability score and manageable costs for groceries and healthcare​

Panama City Beach, Florida: Offers great weather and reasonable living costs, with a focus on enjoying the coastal lifestyle

Winter Garden, Florida: Known for its high livability and slightly higher monthly groceries and healthcare costs compared to other cities​

Palm Bay, Florida: With great livability and affordable monthly costs, Palm Bay is another dream location for retirees

Lakeland, Florida: Offers a high livability score and a significant population of individuals aged 65 and older

Chester, Virginia: Chester's high livability score and affordable living costs make it an attractive retirement option​

Melbourne, Florida: Popular among retirees, Melbourne provides a balance between cost and quality of living

Portland, Maine: Offers a New England setting with a small-town feel, surrounded by water and beautiful spots

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