10 Horrendously Tacky Living Room Decors to Absolutely Avoid

Overly Matched Furniture Sets: Avoid buying complete furniture sets that perfectly match. Mix and match different pieces for a more eclectic and unique look.

Excessive Use of Mirrors: Too many mirrors on walls or furniture can create a dated and gaudy appearance. Opt for more strategic mirror placement.

Fake Plants and Flowers: Artificial plants and flowers can look cheap. Consider real plants for a fresher and more natural atmosphere.

Excessive Use of Animal Prints: Animal print rugs, upholstery, or decor can easily become overwhelming. Use them sparingly as accents.

Wallpaper Borders: Wallpaper borders were once popular but are now seen as outdated. Choose full wallpaper or paint instead.

Overly Themed Rooms: Avoid going overboard with themes (e.g., beach, jungle, or movie themes). Subtle hints of a theme can be more elegant.

Overdecorating Shelves: Too many knick-knacks and cluttered shelves can make a room feel chaotic. Simplify your shelf decor.

Neon or Fluorescent Colors: Bright neon or fluorescent colors on walls or furniture can be harsh on the eyes. Opt for more muted and soothing color palettes.

Overly Large Wall Art: Enormous wall art that dominates the room can make it feel cramped. Choose art pieces that complement the space.

Plastic Furniture Covers: Transparent plastic covers on sofas and chairs not only look tacky but are uncomfortable to sit on.

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