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Time Saving Hacks to Add to Your Morning Routine

Prep the Night Before: – Choose your outfit and lay it out. – Prepare breakfast or portion out ingredients.

Use a Programmable Coffee Maker: Set up your coffee maker the night before, so your coffee is ready when you wake up.

Shower Efficiency: – Consider showering at night if you prefer morning workouts. – Use a timer or waterproof speaker to keep track of your shower time.

Organized Bathroom Routine: – Keep your toiletries organized and easily accessible. – Consider a shower caddy to minimize time spent searching for products.

Quick Makeup Routine: – Simplify your makeup routine or do it during your commute if you're not driving. – Use multitasking products like tinted moisturizer or a lip and cheek stain.

Prepare a To-Go Breakfast: – Make smoothie packs or overnight oats in advance. – Grab-and-go options like yogurt or granola bars are also time-savers.

Limit Technology Distractions: – Avoid scrolling through your phone or checking emails first thing. – Use a morning app or device that simulates a natural sunrise to wake you up gently.

Streamline Haircare: – Consider low-maintenance hairstyles or use dry shampoo. – Invest in time-saving hair tools like a hair straightener brush.

Pack Lunch and Snacks Ahead: – Prepare your lunch or snacks the night before or on Sundays for the entire week.

Create a Morning Routine Checklist: A visual checklist can help you stay on track and avoid forgetting important tasks.

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