10 Birth Month Birds: What Your Bird Symbolizes

January: The Dove – Symbolizes peace, hope, and renewal. Doves are often associated with positive emotions and harmony.

February: The Swallow – Represents love, loyalty, and the arrival of spring. Swallows are known for their migratory patterns and are linked to new beginnings.

March: The Robin – Symbolizes renewal, growth, and the arrival of spring. Robins are often seen as a sign of good luck and new opportunities.

April: The Hummingbird – Represents joy, love, and the sweetness of life. Hummingbirds are associated with energy, playfulness, and the pursuit of happiness.

May: The Nightingale – Symbolizes love, beauty, and inspiration. Nightingales are known for their melodious songs and are associated with creativity and the arts.

June: The Oriole – Represents positivity, sunshine, and transformation. Orioles are often seen as symbols of joy and positive change.

July: The Eagle – Symbolizes strength, freedom, and courage. Eagles are associated with leadership and vision, representing a connection to the divine.

August: The Phoenix – Represents rebirth, immortality, and transformation. The phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from its ashes, symbolizing renewal and resilience.

September: The Peacock – Symbolizes beauty, prosperity, and spirituality. Peacocks are often associated with integrity and the idea of revealing one's true colors.

October: The Crow – Represents mystery, transformation, and intelligence. Crows are often associated with magic and the unseen, symbolizing change and adaptation.

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