OnCommand Suite/DFM Plugin’s

DFM Plugins – And they are in one single location. 🙂

There has been plenty of pain trying to get multiple plugins for DFM. Several times I have wished for the DFM server/ OnCommand plugins to be available in a single repository. I am sure there are several who share my thoughts (and the pain). Each time one needs to download the file individually from the NetApp support site. I have collected these plugins over a period of time while working with OnCommand (DFM servers). I hope to share this with the NetApp users who agree that these files should be available from single location.  Do let me know if there is any specific versions that may not be available. Please note that this is the culmination of my efforts over a period in time and there may still be ones that can be added.

You should be able to browse to within the file structure and download the required files.

All versions


7G versions


800 versions


810 versions


820 versions



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