About moi

My name is Unnikrishnan Kurumbur Palamadathil (KP) and otherwise known as Krish Palamadathil just so that my name is as easy for me and others to say. The last time I tried filling up an application, I was told that there was no space to fill out my entire name and was suggested an alias. Krish Palamadathil stuck on!!! I live in the Sheffield with my lovely family.

I am working as an IT contractor. I primarily focus on NetApp, VMware and Brocade as core technologies with other interests including CommVault and DataDomain. Among my certifications are NetApp NCIE, VMware VCP, Brocade BCSD and CommVault CCE. I am still learning a lot of tricks with these technologies evolving as always. I consider myself as ever ready to dive into “that tough one” and is a “bit” challenging. The other day during one of my reminiscences, I realised that in the path that lead me to where I am now, there have been many people who have helped me along the way. If not for their help, things could have been quite difficult. I realized that it is now my turn to maintain that cycle and pass on information to others who may need it. As the site name suggests, I am hoping to put in information here that is mostly to do with OnTap 8, both 7G and cluster mode (now called clustered ONTAP) flavours. I also plan to add information on multiple NetApp software.


Contact- krish@ontap8.com


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