Upgrading from RAID 4 to RAID DP

Checking the RAID type and config In this example the aggregate has two disks and is a R4 configuration. testfiler01*> aggr status -r aggr1 Aggregate aggr1 (online, raid4) (block checksums) Plex /aggr1/plex0 (online, normal, active, pool0) RAID group /aggr1/plex0/rg0 (normal, block checksums) RAID Disk Device HA SHELF BAY CHAN Pool Type RPM Used (MB/blks) Phys ...

RAID basics

I have learned a lot from this site in my early days. This really explains RAID in good detail. This is from acnc.com They have done a good job at trying to explain the different RAID levels and how they work.   Note: Click on the site to access the tutorial.