Data Compression

Data Compression
The test was done on systems running OnTap 8.1.2 I plan to segment this into 2 areas: Information on compression Command Sets Implementing Data compression Information on Compression The responses for this feature has been quite positive and there seems to be eager queries from customers on this. I will not explain how compression works, ...

Clustered OnTap Basics – Carry overs from the GX lifestyle

These can be classified from the old days of the GX system. The new clustered OnTap in now way looks like the old GX clusters. There has been so many changes to the  c-mode major releases as well. The first release of c-mode OnTap 8 did not have support for SnapMirror and a host of ...

Work Flow Automation (WFA) – OnCommand Suite

Work Flow Automation (WFA) - OnCommand Suite
What is OnCommand WFA? OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) is a software solution that enables you to create storage workflows and automate storage management tasks such as provisioning, migrating, decommissioning, and cloning storage. WFA enables you to create simple and complex workflows in a short time for virtualized and cloud environments. You can use WFA to ...

Disks sizing & types

RAID basics

I have learned a lot from this site in my early days. This really explains RAID in good detail. This is from They have done a good job at trying to explain the different RAID levels and how they work.   Note: Click on the site to access the tutorial.      

Words of wisdom

      “It’s not the skill sets, you need the right attitude to grow here…” –         Someone who I know quite well and respect   A spineless back is not a sign of flexibility and a nodding head is not the sign of understanding.. –         KP   It is simple to make something complex, ...

OnCommand Suite – DFM server

SnapDrive CLI

    SnapDrive CLI – An introduction and guide   Command Set sdcli sysconfig Performs operations related to SnapDrive configuration sdcli disk Performs operations on LUNs sdcli snap Performs operations on snapshot copies sdcli snapvault Performs operations on a snapvault archive sdcli iscsi_initiator Performs operations on iSCSI initiators sdcli iscsi_target Performs operations on iSCSI targets ...

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